2014 Stoneage Invitational at ETSU: A Day of Medals


The Weightlifting Academy team had a huge day on Saturday. Five members of the team were at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee for the 2014 Stoneage Invitational. Nessie, Summer, Matthew Dembo, Matt Norman, and Ryan all survived the snow and freezing temperatures. Matthew Dembo went 95/120 kg in his first meet with […]

Introducing the Franklin School of Innovation’s Weightlifting Team


The Franklin School of Innovation (FSI) has a weightlifting team, and they are part of Asheville Strength and Weightlifting Academy! FSI is a public charter school serving grades 6-9, and Tamara is their PE and Health teacher. As part of the school’s athletic program, Tamara started a weightlifting team, and we now have 12 students […]

So Many Fun Things To Make You Strong


On Saturday, July 5 we had our Barbell Bootstrap seminar and potluck. The gym was packed with lifters from three states with crews from CrossFit Easley, CrossFit Knoxville, CrossFit Yona, and Blue Ridge CrossFit, as well as our own lifters and a few others. There was a ton of lifting and lots of food. And, […]

Seminar at Distinct CrossFit


We had a fabulous time at Distinct CrossFit in Greenville, SC on Saturday, June 21! Derrick and his crew, as well as a few visitors from other affiliates, joined us for a half day seminar on the snatch and clean and jerk. They learned the 3 cardinal rules of snatching – lockout, hit your hip, […]

Results of the 2013 Bull City Barbell Open


On Saturday, December 7, five members of the Weightlifting Academy team competed at the Bull City Barbell Open held at CrossFit Durham. The lifters were: Lauren Bartholomew, Heather Sowry, K.C. Radford, Mark Hoover and Zach Bijesse. Zach was the only veteran lifter, as it was the first sanctioned meet for the others. Lauren, who is […]